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Web Development

The majority of my web development portfolio is hosted on a PHP website I wrote while in college. It is maintained, but not actively developed anymore.

Below you'll find more information about web projects I actively maintain and older ones that have went off into Internet oblivion.


  1. The website you're viewing right now is powered by syte, which is an open-source Django application that I've contributed to. My contributions include the markdown powered blogging and JavaScript plugin controlling the sidebar.

  2. I still maintain a website called that scrapes the Houston Flying Saucer once a day for their updated beer lists. The scraping is written in Python and uses the Django framework to create a slim interface optimized for the iPhone display.


I worked throughout college at CTSI and did ASP development for years. The majority of the sites I developed are not available anymore. However, I've maintained a 'portfolio' over the years.

See all my previous unmaintained work at

Published: 10-09-2014 8:00:00